Implantation Bleeding experiences

I have irregular cycles that are anywhere between 26 days to 42 days for the last 6 months Ill have a long cycle then short , long, short etc. this month would be my hypothetical “short cycle “ I spotted yesterday It was rusty brown not too dark or light & it was mixed w/ Egg Whit CM. I wiped. I wiped 2 additional times & NOTHING. This app says my cycle was supposed to start today, my other says tomorrow & my 3rd says sat. IK THESE ARE ALL EStimates but I was wondering does this sound like implantation or is it too late?? My last person as MAY 26 it ended June 1st . . . I’ve been ttc for over a year so I’m scared to take a test RIGHT NOW & be disappointed. . Has anyone ever had something similar happen & end up pregnant???