Oh the crazy fear when the doc has trouble finding a heartbeat

Meli • 3 👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻; 🌈 baby due 11/2019

I’m 17w4d today and went in for my monthly doctor appointment. My anxiety had been growing, especially because I don’t really feel the baby yet (I thought maybe I did once but nothing for several days). The doctor finally got out the Doppler, and then she couldn’t find my baby’s heartbeat for what seemed like an eternity!!! She went around my belly several times, and I’m small, so I saddened immediately. I was so scared that my worst nightmare was coming true. Thankfully she then located it. Kinda high at 161, but she said that was still normal. Sigh of relief! I’m glad my next appointment will include an ultrasound.