So I got drunk on Friday night and had sex with my boyfriend (too drunk to take out tampon or even remember if I did the next morning) well the next morning I couldn’t find it and searched inside and just figured I had taken it out! Well we had sex on Saturday and he said it felt weird like something was stopping him I went to the bathroom checked and couldn’t find anything again! Sunday morning I went pee and when I wiped it was brown and smelled SO bad so then I figured it had to of been in there! I finally found it lodged all the way up there took me forever to get it out and when I got it out there was no string on it, do you guys think the string is still in there? I searched and searched and couldn’t find it, but I’m paranoid I also don’t see why the string would come off inside me or why it came off at all! I’m stressed and the smell is barely going away it’s horrible!