Save $100 or spend $100

I have the opportunity to get an apartment that’s way nicer than what I have now. So where we live right now is awful. Extremely loud upstairs neighbors, no privacy, drug addicts and dealers, stray animals, roaches, etc....

New place option 1 is

Quieter area, upstairs level, nicer interior more storage, small balcony and more privacy?complex has a pool and is kind of like a little cute village area and two bedrooms for me and my daughter. I’d be more likely to stay there for a long time. also the first months rent is free. But it’s $100 give or take more expensive than my current place.

Or, new place option 2, move into a one bedroom, which is about $100 cheaper than where I am.

But it’s downstairs so wed still h ear the upstairs people all the time, it’s smaller obviously and wed have to share a room, the area isn’t as nice either and I’d probably want to move out again in a year.

So idk what to do. The smart decision seems to be to save $100 a month by moving into the small one bedroom and just suck it up. But I’d be willing to take on a little financial strain for the time being if it means a nicer place we’d stay in for hopefully a few years and I’d be happy and relaxed at home.

i just don’t want to make a dumb decision 😫