New guy.

So several months ago my ex and I broke up after dating on and off for basically 8 years. He was emotionally and psychologically abusive. He made me feel guilty for everything. Blamed everything on me. Treated me like a servant and told me that if it weren’t for him that I wouldn’t have a place to live(which wasn’t true). Made me feel worthless because when I lived with him we made the agreement that I wouldn’t have a job so I could take care of things at home since he worked all day. I don’t want to make this too long but my point is.

I’ve found a new guy that I’m dating now and he’s amazing. He’s so thoughtful and caring. When we’re spending time together he gives me back rubs out of no where without me having to ask. He even gave me a foot massage the other day. I’ve never had a foot massage before, no guy I’ve ever dated has cared enough to even offer. But he did it without me even asking and I know that sounds pitiful but. It’s hard admitting that I’m recovering from being abused for so long and it’s sad that it means so much to me that he did that for me.

I’m so happy that I’ve found someone so caring and thoughtful and I really really like him. But it’s just a whirlwind of emotions finally admitting that what happened between my ex and I was not my fault. That all the things he said to me weren’t true and that I didn’t actually deserve the way he treated me.