Second trimester and losing weight?

Mónica • Baby Boy Due Dec. 10, 2019💙👶🏻🤰🏻

Hello! I’m 16 weeks pregnant right now and I’m at 145 lbs. when I started pregnancy, I was 150 lbs. I am 5’6 so it’s not a bad weight, just a little bit over my ideal weight for my height. When I was 7 weeks, I was 147 lbs. when I was 10 weeks, I was 145 lbs. then at 12 weeks I weighed myself and was at 142. I got concerned and started eating EVERYTHING and by my 14 week appointment I was back at 145 lbs. But a week later I was back to 143 so again I pushed myself on the eating and now I’m back to 145. Thing is, my dr isn’t concerned because baby is growing and my belly is expanding and the funny part is all I see is flab! In my stomach, arms, etc. I am eating my meals and my snacks and idk why it is becoming hard for me to put on some weight. It worries me because I keep getting comments saying “You shouldn’t be losing weight” and people telling me I’m not trying hard enough to eat when I am really trying and eating a lot. And I also get occasional binge sweets craving so it’s not totally like I went vegan over my pregnancy. My doctor put me on an “eat anything every 2 hours” diet and it’s still hard to gain it and I’m not a person with a fast metabolism or anything. My metabolism is average for my intake and exercise. I eat a lot of carbs and I also eat my fruits and greens with proteins and my indulgences. Oh I also have only thrown up 3 times in my entire pregnancy so I’m not purging more than I can eat. Why can’t I hold my weight easily??