37 weeks


For those who made it to full term (37 weeks) we made it.

For me, it’s baby number four and LAST.

I always loved children, always thought I would be a mom of two or three, but never in my mind a mother of four. In this crazy world, we just hope our children are protected and guided by our love and by God’s Grace. I can’t believe I will meet baby number 4 in just about 14 days (scheduled c section at 39 weeks, July 12). I woke up today early like always, since my insomnia is really bad, I only sleep about 3-4hours at night. Woke up to be thankful for everything, even though we are going thorough a financial crisis right now but I know that the Lord is always in control and there’s no reason to get frustrated when you give everything to Him. So if your feeling a little discouraged this morning, I just want you to know that God is bigger than any problem you are facing and that he is working in your favor.

Have a blessed Thursday to all of you. ❤️