help I think I'm preggers

so I had the lightest shortest period ever, I wouldn't even call it a period it was just spotting. (the women in my family, and normally me too, have crazy heavy flows). then 4 days later I get spotting for a night. I'm scared that it's the spotting that can occur as a fertalized attaches to the uterus.

I normally am so good about using my birth control( I use the nuva ring) , but I was a few days late putting it in. I had a conversation with my boyfriend and explain (or so I thought I did) that we had to be extra careful last month about pull out. near the end of last month he asked if I was using my birth control. I said I was, assuming he remembered the be careful rule. he did not remember and didnt pull out.

that was about three / four weeks ago. I cant stop eating. I cant stop peeing all the time. I am so exhausted from very little work. my breasts are sore.

**little side note** even when I had mirena I got pregnant. I had ultrasounds done to make sure it was in my uterus correct and working, the dr said it was all working just the way it should. and I still got pregnant