Need advice


My ex and I broke up last month due to some issues. Pretty much, he didn't focus as much time on the relationship as he should have and was closed off because he was afraid of getting hurt due to previous experiences. It caused resentment and I got to the point that I just didn't care if it worked or not and I stopped trying. My ex has done a lot of reflecting and has been going to therapy for the issues that he has and has asked to get back together. He apologized for everything and acknowledged his part in it all and said he'd do anything to fix it, and offered counseling. We've been hanging out recently and trying to start at least a friendship. I still love him, I'm attracted to him, I love spending time with him. I still look back on the relationship and the good times we had and I miss it. I miss him. The issue is that any time I think about being in a relationship again, I have anxiety. I question his motives. I'm afraid of getting hurt. All of the right feelings are there and if you asked me if I wanted to try again I'd say yes, but I don't feel emotionally ready for a romantic relationship. It makes me feel overwhelmed. That part of me feels shut down. Yesterday he came over and we made out and cuddled and it was nice but then he asked if we could put some kind of title on it and I started panicking. I don't know how to handle this, I'm so conflicted and confused. Has anyone dealt with this? How do I fix it? Is it just going to take time?