ER visit while on vacation

Bri • 🌈 💙 Baby boy born 10/20/19 after 3 losses

This is not how I saw our vacation to the beach going... woke up our first morning yesterday with bright red spotting at 21.5 weeks. Not a ton, but within an hour there was a decent amount on a pantiliner and every time I wiped. I couldn't feel baby moving (his movement comes and goes thanks to his position and my anterior placenta). I called my doctor back home and they told me to go to an emergency room to be checked out. Luckily once I got there they found his heartbeat right away and it's strong. They did an ultrasound and he was moving all around and they saw nothing concerning. When I first got there they had hooked me up to monitors and apparently I had some very light and far apart contractions that they said were probably attributed to traveling and being a little dehydrated as a result. They think the contractions caused the bleeding because they couldn't see any other cause (I'm also on blood thinners so they said that probably made me bleed more than most people would have in this situation). They gave me an iv and kept me there for a couple hours for observation to make sure the contractions stopped and then sent me home. I was so terrified but thankful that baby seemed strong! They put me on limited activity and pelvic rest for now, but hopefully everything will be ok now. All of the rest of the day I was able to feel a decent amount of movement from him which made me feel much better.