My 12 week old poops ONLY when I take his diaper off

Is anybody else experiencing this?

My almost 3 mo old has been doing this for almost a month now. He will not poop, unless his diaper is off, and I wipe him a few times.

Now we have a routine, that when he is not at ease in the morning, and acts uncomfortable, I take his diaper off, wipe him, and bring his legs towards his abdomen, and then he has a bowel movement 🤷🏻‍♀️

My one friend suggested, that maybe his diaper is too small and he doesn’t have a way to wiggle his legs appropriately to push out the poop with the diaper on?

I will switch to a roomier diaper (he is 15lbs and we are finishing his size 1 diaper box), and see if it changes. Any thoughts?