Me and my so both have the same anxiety and it causes bad arguments..


Okay so this is long and I'm new to glow so this is what's goin on.. my fiance and I have been together since last year april 18th. We both knew when we first started talking that this was special and we both wanted to be together immediately we we are very alike but also so alike that we both have severe anxiety panic attacks and ptsd. I have been neglected by my entire family, been in my share of very bad relationships and living situations that I feel will make it impossible it seems to be normal. I've been like this since I can remember and am on ssi for it. My man has a great job now but no matter what he gets panic "fits", mainly in the morning where he lashes out at me accusing me of not caring bout him, and if I dont say the "perfect" thing he threatens to not go to work even tho I spend my entire ssi check/food stamps which isnt enough to support one person let alone 2 and I go without a lot yet I bend over backwards for us. We are planning to get married but I cant and shouldn't have to be the one left to do all the comforting when I struggle so much especially in the morning waking up from daily nightmares that make me feel sick every morning. Pregnant or not and he chose this morning again to lash out till I'm crying begging him to realize how much I love and care and it's so emotionally painful. I was crying trying to hug him and he pushed me off of him. He always apologizes and blames his ptsd and bipolar I try not to compare shit but I've been through way worse plus he acts like I shouldn't be worried. I've been through major trauma and abuse. I dont have family they're very toxic and neglectful and every bad situation they're never there so yes I need to feel safe but I deserve that I do my part I'm always there for him and he tells me he knows that.. idk anymore I just want to know how to keep everything okay..😥😔