Tired/sick conundrum


I'm 10 weeks today and I'm still exhausted and feeling sick most of the day. It seems like when I take a nap I feel sicker. As if the nap is causing the nausea.

But I'm sooooooo tired and all I want to do is nap when my son naps.... It's like you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't! Has anyone else seen an increase in nausea after a nap? Does anyone know of a biological reason for this?

Also I don't wish this on myself, but I feel like the whole "I just want to puke so it will end" (kind of like when you are drunk).. lol.. 😂 I threw up in the AM only with my first. I haven't really thrown up at all with this one, just the persistent roller coaster of nausea all day and night.