Texting while driving...

Emily • 👨🏻🤰🏻🐶🖤

So my fiancé and I were going to go get food and he’s been texting a mutual friend about a situation that happened pretty much all day, and while driving he pulls out his phone and reads a paragraph long text, when I asked him to get off his phone, that he’s not only risking our lives but our unborn child’s life, he was like it was a straight road I can read a text, I said what if someone pulled out infront of you and you didn’t see them. This asshole says if someone pulls out infront of me their IQ must be below 70...🙄😤 i told his mom and all she did was laugh, this annoys me because obviously he doesn’t give a shit about our lives or our child’s life enough to wait until we are stopped to continue a conversation and he

Is god awful mother can’t mother him and tell him he’s being and ignorant twat🙄

Am I overreacting or reacting as I should... please let me know!!!