How does this sound?


I want spice thing up in bed. I want please him so I created this to send to him but I need to know if it sound 👌 not just ok but sexy fine make his dick hard ok 😂

I realize I want to be control in bed most time. Below is the post in planning on sending. Yes, its something like 50 shade of grey/black but with a different name. I love the name

(You are gonna make me scream. You will beat it up like you did the first time we had sex in your mom laundry room.) This is just a memory lane

3P’s ACT




Wanna make me gab….sure

Wanna make me scream…sure

Wannna make me beg for more…..sure

Wanna cum in my face……sure

Wanna torture me…..sure

I want to be control beyond what you does. Just say and I’ll do. If I don’t comply you get to punish me however you are please


1 MY ASS IS OFF LIMIT(Anal aint my thing)

2 MY SAFE WORD IS RED(He favorite color)

*the rule sound so lame 😞 I need help

Above is the lingerie, I'll be wearing or maybe nothing 🙊