I created a fake profile to catch my boyfriend

So I had a feeling my boyfriend was chatting with other girls. I felt so paranoid and upset over it even when he denied he was. I even went to the extremes of creating a fake profile to test him. He friended me and everything on the app iFunny...I honestly thought he took interest because of the attractive profile picture. I messaged him a few times and gave a username to message me elsewhere. He took that bait. Turned out he gave it to his friend so he could mess with me. He reported that fake profile as spam and he even told me without knowing it was really me... talked to his friend trying to figure out if it was really my boyfriend. Didn’t find out it was his friend until my boyfriend told me. I honestly feel so embarrassed and ashamed that I doubted him. We’re long distance, so I’ve been struggling with this. I have no idea what telling the truth would do to our relationship, because I love him. I just feel like complete shit for going behind his back to test his loyalty. I deleted the profile and everything...I just don’t know how to be honest about this. I feel awful for doing this to him. I even know who the friend was. How the hell am I going to pretend like I didn’t do this.🤦🏻‍♀️