Bear with me

I am in desperate need of some responses as I feel like nobody ever responds. AF was supposed to arrive 6/18 but never showed. I took a test on 6/22 which came out negative. On 6/23, I had what appeared to be a period (not enough for a tampon, but too much to go without a pad.) Starting the morning of 6/24 my so called period had stopped. I had absolutely no blood until this morning which was more of a super light red that turned into brown, and now nothing again. Not even the slightest bit of color on toilet paper. I took another test this afternoon which was again negative. So my question is, should I consider that one day as a period for this month, wait a few days to test again, or go get a blood test? We’ve been TTC for several months now and this has never happened to me in all my years of having AF. Pls help as I am in dire need. I’m so completely torn.