Told to start trying at 37 weeks?


I'm 35 weeks and 3 days. This whole last month has been a try to not go into labor show and now after a great scan and test they feel my boy is 100%. They were worried about his heart but not anymore. Needless to say I'm so happy, I can finally breath. But after a check up my doctor just told me hey at 37 weeks feel free to try to make yourself go into labor I was so confused he read my face and said "I think you and him will do great and if you start early maybe we'll get him at a sweet spot where he's not too big" I'm 5 feet and I want a natural birth. He weights 5 pounds 10 oz. So maybe he's right. My daughter was 6 pounds 13 oz born at 39 weeks. But I've never heard of someone saying go ahead at 37 weeks, kinda took me aback. Anyone else have this advice?