Health Insurance

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Hi everyone! I’m going to try to make this short and to the point.

I currently work full time and provide health insurance, dental, vision, etc for myself and my family.

Once baby girl is here, I really want to be part time for awhile. This would mean I’d lose the benefits.

My husband currently works as a server/bartender. He’s going to look into the insurance they offer, but I’m guessing it won’t be great...not that my benefits are even all that awesome.

He also owns his own business that is just getting started, so no insurance offered there.

Our 6 year old is hard of hearing, so he does need to go to the audiologist/ENT sometimes. He also has glasses. And my husband has contacts. Then obviously dental for all of us. Those are our current main medical needs.

What are my options here? What would you do? I really want to cut down my owns and enjoy the first year or so with baby girl. But obviously I don’t want to screw my family financially!