Pregnant in College


Hi sooo I found out I was pregnant yesterday and I have so many feelings. I am married but I’m only 19 and I’m in college. I know I have his family’s support but I’m not so sure about my family. We also just quit both of our jobs (to find new better ones, we have some interviews coming up), and so it’s a lot of financial stress. Any tips on dealing with it all in general and especially being young in college? (I am taking online courses but I plan to go back on campus next year)

Update: I ended up having a miscarriage at 8 weeks. The baby stopped growing at 6 weeks but still had a heartbeat until the 8th week.

The doctor said nothing was abnormal with the chromosomes or with my hormones or body, I personally think it was stress and one of my coworkers said it might have been me working in a hot kitchen on a hard floor for 6+ hours without a break almost everyday.