Getting rid of our cat

I need your opinions

So here goes my husband and i adopted a cat a while ago and everything was great, but for the past year ive been thinking about giving him away.

Here is why we live in a small two bedroom apartment and i thought by the time were gonna have our first child wed be onto a better suited place (life doesnt work like that were still in the same place)

Now that were 2 weeks away from our first child i feel that theres no choice but to give him away.

He sheds like crazy, i have to vacuum every other day because it builds up and i dont like the thought that were breathing that in and it gets on all of our stuff but let alone a new born.

He has an aggressive streak in him, hes attacked me many many times. And ive tried everything i can think of to get him to stop, ive played him so he gets his energy out and even started letting him out or bring my mons cat over so he can play but still he would attack me (not my husband) for no reason. And when i say no reason i mean no reason like once he jumped at my face while i sleeping.

Im afraid that if i step away he will attack the baby.

And last he has brought fleas into the house again, they drive me insane.

Im am too tired and too pregnant to have to vacuum, wash and re wash everything in the house. They bite humans and i just cant bring a newborn baby into a flea ridden home!

All this being said i do want to add a couple of things, when we first got him i zero intentions of giving him away, and it breaks my heart that im even thinking about this.

But i know that especially with becoming a mom i will have alot on my plate and having to do more for the cat will make me frustrated with him.

I think that he deserves better, a owner that can give him more attantion and love.

I guess i feel guilty.

Please give me your insights

Edit: thank you to everyone that commented i appreciate all of your opinions, last night when i posted this i wasnt sure what to do but after a sleepless night and trying to see it from your perspectives ive decided to keep him, and work on being a better pet owner after all the things i described are not his fault.

Im not the type of person that believes that pets are on the same level as children, THIS DOES NOT MEAN that i am cruel or in any way mean to my cat. He has his own space in our home (that he is not confined to btw), has a ton of toys and food and water there whenever he wants.

I love this cat and i realise that the problem is with me and not him.

So again thank you for taking the time to read and post your opinion it helps to see other perspectives