💖 All my April Baby Mommas..💙

Kat • FTM April 2019 💙 If the men find out we can shape-shift, they`re going to tell the church.

First off, congratulations! I hope you are all starting to feel like yourselves again and getting more comfortable in your new mom roles 😍

I'm just being nosy and wondering where everyone is. I'm in Southeast Michigan.

I see so many posts on here about new mommas needing help, we should all find out if any of us are close to each other geographically. We can help each other out more than we know. It would be amazing to have a mommy support system.

Either way, wheres everyone from?! Are you loving the idea of raising your child where you currently are or planning on moving?

I'm interested to know how all those new mommas and babies are doing!

My LO: 😍