Need advice?


My baby is 3m and EBF. I have stored a huge freezer supply of pumped milk in that time, but my baby absolutely refuses to take a bottle. We have tried 6 different nipple/bottle styles and she absolutely will not take it. Shes a real boob only kind of baby. She also hates pacifiers.

My problem is that my milk supply has suddenly dropped. My breasts always feel floppy and soft (I know this happens when your milk regulates - but even with pumping I get maybe 1oz soon each side now?). I want to boost my supply but I'm scared of power pumping because if my breast is drained then my baby has to go without eating because she REFUSES a bottle.

How in the world am I supposed to pump enough to boost supply while also making sure she has enough to eat? Fenugreek/blessed thistle supplements have proven to drop my supply in the past so that's not an option.

I feel so awful when I pump and two hours later my baby is hungry and my breasts are still empty so she frantically sucks and sucks to no avail... its stressful for the both of us 😩

Any and all advice is appreciated.