Husband cheating

When I found out my husband was cheating a few weeks back, I went to a hotel, and booked a room for me and my daughter. Told my landlord I was moving out on Friday, then called water, power, and Internet and had them all disconnected on a Wednesday. When he found out, he was furious but at that point, I was long gone. The best part is when I moved out, and husband wasn't on the lease, they escorted him off the property. I am now in the process of serving him divorce papers.

Update*** Thank you ladies for all the uplifting comments, it's really healing me through this tough time. For the ladies who want to know how I caught him. His mistress contacted me after allegedly just finding out he was married, and wanted to do the right thing. She sent proof of pictures, messages, ect. They were together 2 years out of our 5 year marriage. I decided to leave immediately with no explanation. I don't know where he is now, nor do I really care. He hasn't tried to contact me regarding our daughter, so I'm going to fight for custody. (He didn't do anything for her anyway) We are now staying with family until I find a suitable place for us. I am financially stable, so it shouldn't be much longer. All I'm worried about is my daughter's wellbeing, and getting us to a stable place again. Thanks again ladies for all your kind words ❤️