**UPDATE**Am I wrong for being upset? I don’t understand why my bf would do this to me.

***So he actually just paid it. But still I was stressing over this since yesterday morning. Like I said before I’m in SCHOOL FULL TIME. I’m LOOKING for a job that goes with my school schedule. This is a hands on class, I can’t do this class online. So NO ITS ME NOT BEING LAZY bc I haven’t found a job yet. There are thousands of people who look for jobs for MONTHS. I’m not going to work at a job that pays so low it only goes towards my gas tank. This wasn’t even about me not having a job this was about should I be upset that my bf said he would pay a vet bill and turns around and says he’s not worried about it bc it’s in my name not his. And yes I did report the lady who commented that I was just being lazy. If you don’t want to give me advice and just be rude then please just don’t comment at all. ***

Just to let y’all know this has nothing to do with sex or anything like that. But me and my bf have been together for 4 years. And we live together. We have a dog and she’s 9 years old. Well about a month ago we HAD to take her to the vet bc she was yelping and we didn’t know what was wrong with her. I’m unemployed and still currently looking for a job but I am in school. So he told me that he would pay the bill bc obviously he knows I can’t afford it. So we take her up there and she just needed some joint meds and some flea meds too. The bill was $130. Well he was going to pay before we left and the credit card machine and internet was down so they told us they would send us a paper bill in the mail. Now when we took her, I signed the new client paper work and put it in my name ( mistake on my part bc I wasn’t paying the bill). Well once we get the vet bill in the mail, I told him that it needed to be paid. He put it off and put it off. Now they hired a private investigator and they are calling me to pay this bill. I explained to the investigator that I’m currently not working and my bf was supposed to pay the bill and I guess he just forgot about it. (She called me yesterday) Well now she’s giving me till today to pay before she takes it to the states attorney office. I told him that they will try to sue me for not paying this bill bc it’s in my name! Im really upset bc he knows I don’t have the money and he said he would pay it a while back. He also knows they are giving me till today before they take any further action and he still hasn’t called. I don’t know what to do. I feel like he shouldn’t offer to pay for something or do something and then turn around and NOT do it. He says well it’s not in his name so he’s not worried about it. Ughh, please just advice no mean comments bc this is already stressing me out.

Also this clinic has not tried calling or email me about this bill. I just randomly got a phone call from the investigator. We are not doing good financially but I feel like if he can order stuff on amazon every day and can afford that then he can pay this bill. I know if they were calling him and harassing him about it then he would have paid it already but since it’s not in his name and in mine then he doesn’t care.

This is indeed a private investigator. I looked up the number she called me from and she is a PI for the county and city I live in.