My whole week is made !


So I when my daughter was born, the hospital I had her at gave me a prescription for an electric breastpump since I was breastfeeding. I got the Medela pump in style. It was okay, definitely not my favorite as it never fit me quite the way I wanted to and it was uncomfortable to me. So a friend of mine gave me a manual lansinoh pump and I loved it ! I never bought an electric in the brand because it was near the end of my breastfeeding journey. So for baby #2, I had this same brand in mind and I really wanted to find an electric one. The one I found was the Lansinoh smart pump that connects to your phone and I found it at Walmart for $160 so I put off buying it till I saved up a bit. Well, today I went into a local bargain store and found this pump for $50 ! I’m so so happy and excited and I can’t wait to use it !!