Activity Centers... Torn Between Fisher Price and Baby Einstein... HELP!!!

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Ladies, I need your help!!! 😳

My LO is 6 mths and I’m finally in a position to purchase an activity mat... 👏🏽

I’ve had my eye on both of these for quite some time and I’m so torn between which to purchase... 😩obviously I don’t want to purchase both and they are in the same price range, give or take $10, so I am wondering if you have recommendations/reviews for either of these activity mats... 🤔

The first one is the Fisher Price Kick N Play Piano Gym...

This is the first activity center that caught my eye because of the piano.

I like that it can be moved for a sitting position as well as kicking.

I like that it is detachable for play as they get older.

I like that it comes with toys.

I like that the arch can be moved and removed.

I like that it comes in pink, but that’s just me being all excited about having a girl 😅

I kinda wish I’d been in the position to buy it when she was younger... bc now she rolls around a lot and I hesitate now because it seems narrow...

I want this to be a purchase that she will enjoy for more than just a few months.

I also am hesitant because it seems it doesn’t have many options as far as tunes, and am not 100% sure if this just music tunes or also can be switched to piano tones.

I can’t find anything “learning” other than just music sensory and light up visual interest.

The second one is the Baby Einstein Kickin Tunes Music and Language Discovery Activity Play Gym...

I like that this also has the piano that caught my interest.

I like that it can also be moved for sitting position and also detachable.

I like that it also comes with toys (Seems like a couple more?)

It also appears that the “arch” feature can be removed eventually.

I like that it seems to have more tunes available and...

I LOVE that it has a language aspect with THREE languages (English, Spanish and French)

I’m disappointed I can’t find any more details as to the language feature... like what phrases?

I can live with the gender neutral color scheme if this is in fact more of a learning toy than Fisher Price!

Especially since I’m purchasing this for a 6 mo infant.

She doesn’t have many sensory toys or much anything with sound, (save one stuffed animal), so I know the piano will be a hit regardless, but I want her to enjoy the activity mat aspect of it as well before we have to detach the piano, regardless of which I end up purchasing.

I think I am leaning towards the Baby Einstein Play Gym... because it seems to have all the features that attracted me to the Fisher Price Activity Center... BUT it seems more educational and that it would be more prone for her age since she is no longer newborn stage.

What do you ladies think?? 🤔🤔🤔

ALL comments and feedback welcome! Very interested in anyone that owns either of these and what your recommendation/review would be pertaining to the one you own.

As always, thank you in advance and I appreciate all info!!! 🤗

Idk what I would do without Glow Baby!!! 😅


UPDATE: I appreciate all your feedback!! I’m so glad I asked... I’m skipping both products all together and looking into activity tables instead!! (I may post products I’m looking at if I’m torn again.. ha!)