Mom angry because i’m never home

i’m 18, and my mom is constantly angry at me for never being home. i currently live with her but honestly prefer to be at my boyfriends house or our friends house. i have a lot of difficulty being around my dad, who my mom is still with and he still lives with us. I do not get along with him and dislike his presence. My mom on the other hand is great and i love her, but she’s been getting angry at me for leaving so much. I usually leave for work in the morning at 9:30 and get back at 3 or 4. I come home and take a shower then go to my boyfriends house then come home at 12 at night. this is pretty much what happens most days, but not all of them. i just do not like being home and i’m getting frustrated when my mom forces me to stay home like this morning. i feel like she may be acting this way because i’m leaving in a month to move to hawaii for college. i’ve never been a person who likes staying home and doing nothing all day, especially since today is one of my only days off this week. anyone have any opinions on this? how should i deal with this?