July babe switched to June!


My July babe turned out to be a June babe instead! He was due on July 23 but decided to arrive June 28 (4 weeks early).

My water broke the evening of June 27, they admitted me, and induced me the next morning. After I reached the highest levels of the induction medication the OB broke the rest of my water as I still wasn’t have any contractions. I was 5 cm dilated when she broke my water and then the contractions started. We had a natural delivery and at 8:21 pm our beautiful son was born!

He was 6lbs even and we stayed in the hospital for 5 days because he was “late preterm” and he needed some phototherapy to help treat his Jaundice.

Babe is home and still a bit yellow and we are doing well!

Good luck to the rest of you moms!