It’s a...


For the few who saw my post about me being possibly pregnant, I was in fact correct. I’m only 23-years-old and am on baby #3. All by the same man who is normally incredibly loving, but when we first found out about this one, he didn’t want it. He said a few harsh things and we separated. We maintained a great friendship and are great at parenting together. He’s 100% accepted that another baby is coming and he’s getting more and more excited. He’s happy, we are happy.

He’s also scared. We are young and parents too a two year old girl and one year old boy. He’s worried about a 3rd C-section. So is my doctor. 3 c-sections in 3 years is incredibly dangerous. Pregnancy is already hard on me and dangerous for me as it is. I cannot give birth naturally, only C-sections.

We were smart except for once. I couldn’t take the pills, they make me sick. No IUD until I was done w/ physical therapy that I wasn’t even able to start...

I’m only 14 weeks, but a blood test confirmed it’s a boy! Another mommas boy. I’m not open about my pregnancy and have told a handful of people I know. I won’t be posting about the baby until he is born. I need this private, especially w/ all of the risks I am facing.

I cry often, scared that it’ll go bad. Scared something will happen to me or him. Scared I will leave my babies without a mom. It never gets easier, thinking about it all.

God has a plan.

Since I’m not being open about the pregnancy, I made a private IG for the few people who do know to keep them updated on the pregnancy. Also won’t be having a baby shower this go around due to barley anyone knowing.

Good vibes that everything goes well. He’s due January 5th, but will be taken via C-Section a week early, possibly more if I start going into labor at 30 weeks like I did w/ the other two munchkins.

Pictures of my family and the babes.