Please tell me how labor started for you

My BH have been SOOOO bad today.

I’m 36 weeks (I was 36 with my first when my water broke, but I had to be induced Because I was only 1cm, so the whole natural labor thing is still new to me) as of a week ago I was only 1cm but 59% effaced. Baby was very low tho she said.

this past week we went hard - I had a wedding on Friday and danced my butt off, was at the park all day sat with family and Sunday we deep cleaned the house.

This morning the energy was gone and I felt kind of shitty. A little nauseated, very thirsty and HORRIBLE Braxton Hicks. I know they are BH bc they are high up. They get soooo tight that they can take my breath away. I also just feel so worn out and tired now. Every time I stand up I feel like the baby is going to fall out bc there is so much pressure - painful amount of pressure. The Braxton hicks arnt helping with this issue either. The BH are also pretty consistent. A lot more back pain today too. I feel “sore” on my sides like I need to stretch. I had some spotting over the weekend too but that stopped

I guess my real question is, how did you feel right before labor started? Did your BH progressively get worse or did you feel the same and boom strong contractions started? Tell me every detail lol.

Baby is still moving a lot.