Squats, I have no butt.

Cassandra • Momma of 2 beautiful girls, 5 years old & 6 months

So, I am pregnant with my 3rd baby, it’s a boy!! And I am 14 weeks pregnant. So let’s be honest, my body is falling apart, I was blessed with NO BUTT. Because I am currently in the awkward stage of being bloated looking fat more than pregnant, my question is, can I still do squats at this time? I’m already not very active before still not and probably never plan to be 😂 kidding kind of! Here’s a picture to show you all what I’m dealing with, wearing a maturity dress, because I can! And I don’t care lol.

Don’t mind the mess behind me. Dirty clothes and we just got back from some hunting land. I see all these girls with perfect butts on here doing squats. I just need a little toosh!