My baby tried to steal food from my plate !!! He is 4 months 1 w...should I start introducing solids? FTM

So my baby a few weeks ago he started to noticing the food he opened his mouth when i was eating but today he tried to steal a piece of my breakfast and then of my lunch. He was fussy he was sitting on my lap while he was playing with his bunny and when he saw my sandwich he took a little piece and tried to eat it! I took it out of his hands and he cried ...

At His 4 months appointment the doctor told me if he was interested at 5 months start 1 time at day pretty liquid purees

But I don't know should I keep pushing to 5 months closer to 6 or should I start now?

he has really good head control and he sit up with support but he pushed when he is laying down to sit up .