Stranger tries to ruin special day for my mom and daughter


Today we got my daughters ears pierced and after we went to get her a treat and I ran into the most annoying person ever. This stranger came up to me at McDonald’s and said I shouldn’t be feeding her bad food. I said it’s just a treat for doing good at getting her ears done. She then berated me for that saying I’m a bad mom. I started crying while yelling at her. I was never going to do her ears until she wanted them but here’s why I did it now. My nana died 3 months ago and her biggest dream was to bake cookies with her only great grandchild, but cancer took her before it happened. Well I was talking to my mom and she’s asked if I had any plans on doing my daughters ears I said when she’s older if she asks we will. She said okay but she wants to be there because that’s one thing she’s been dreaming of doing with her granddaughter. Well 2 weeks ago my mom told me she went to the dr and had lumps in her breast, thankfully they were just fluid filled cysts and nothing to worry about. But it got me thinking, ear piercings are a small thing that can be removed at anytime and with all the health scares and problems I’m not going to let my mom miss her dream like my nana did. So while my mom is still here with us and I had the power to make it come true today was the day we got it done. I know I don’t have to justify shit to anyone but it hurt that everything I did to make today special for the 2 women/girls I love most some stranger just had to ruin it. I probably wouldn’t have been so hurt but at 29 weeks pregnant I’m always an emotional wreck.