Ok I had no clue this chick was into me.

Ok I'm starting off my saying I'm straight but prob look like I might swing in a female direction since I'm 24 and a tomboyish type.

I had this friend in college who I told i was straight but it's like it didn't click with her. We would hang out a lot. She told me she was bisexual which I don't really care- I think she thought I would react or be surprised. To me in the area where I live it is about the same as saying the sky is blue since we have a lot of gays. Anyways I'm thinking we have a chill friendship when I told her I needed to tell her something. It was class related.

She approaches me and asks if I'm into her. I was kinda taken aback and was like..um no. Really. Wtf. I just was acting like I do with all my friends and she thought I wanted her sexually? Like sorry but friend doesn't mean I want you.

Later she acted really odd and then poked my boob after a gym class we were both in. This kinda made me uncomfortable. I didn't say anything and ignored it.. a couple of weeks went by and then she like touched my face which was odd. She did it really quick and then stopped.

I avoided her for a bit but then due to our class schedules we ran into each other again. That is when she totally acted weird again towards me saying I reminded her of her ex girlfriend. I told her like dude I'm not ducking into you!!!

Eventually it got too strange and I decided to cut her off as even a friend because it was like she couldn't accept me not being into her.

Has anyone had this problem?