Weight loss update! (Cross posted)


Hey y’all! Not sure if any of u remember my previous posts, as it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. But, if u don’t remember, or u never seen my posts, for the past several months I’ve been on another weight loss journey, this time with the guidance of an amazing dietician. And, as of yesterday (7/8/19), I have hit my first goal of a 45 pound weight loss!! 😁💪 It’s taken me a little longer than I hoped due to some struggling, however, I made it though! And, continue to make it through, despite the summer being tough for me 😩 lol. But, I guess it says a lot when ur nowhere near being done with ur journey & ur dietician is already so impressed that she’s often praising u as an inspiration & even asked permission to use ur journey & stats at her next dietician’s conference!! 😁😊 Which, I gladly gave my permission! Anyway, this is my transformation so far, the green shirt pic was actually taken back in November 2016 around my heaviest known weight 371-ish & the second pic was taken this past Saturday, I weighed in yesterday at 326!

Now, I start working towards my next goal of 30 more pounds 💪 But, all that being said, the numbers are really just a formality. My main goals are simply to be healthier, as well as more comfortable & confident with myself... a plus size queen born to slay!!! 😊💕💕💕