Sex Drive???!!!

So I’ve been dating this man for a little bit, I feel like I have a high sex drive... anywhere, anytime type of thing. But, his sex drive is lower than mine... it’s kinda- outta sight, outta mind for him. How can I get him to want to have sex more?! LMFAO - & it’s not like he doesn’t find me sexually attracted, it’s just not a top priority for him. #sendhelp

**** When we do have sex, he loves it... but it’s just not an everyday type of this for him as it is for me. It’s more like 1-2 times a week, or a couple times a month. 😐 he says he always been like that... he isn’t really pressed over sex. And, when we first got together- he never brought up sex... we went months before having any (which isn’t a problem.)