We want a baby... but we’re scared to try!

Anyone else like not trying but not preventing pregnancy either? My husband and I stopped using condoms but are still pulling out... we’re financially stable enough and feel we would be ready for a baby, but I think we’re both just a little scared to actually full-on TRY?

My husband wants to be a dad but he is scared, he always underestimates what he’s capable of and I think he’s afraid to be a dad because he’s afraid of the responsibility and thinks he’s going to mess something up.

I’m not particularly scared of being a mom, I think I can handle it, but for me personally, I’m terrified of being pregnant (feeling nauseous, crampy, uncomfortable for 9 months and not being able to escape) and mostly of freaking LABOR. My mom nearly died in labor with me, and she had a 22-hour labor with my brother (had to induce with him because pregnancy was high-risk after she almost died with me...) Labor absolutely terrifies me to my very soul!

We both want a baby so badly but we’re too cripplingly terrified to actually try for one... I think we are both kind of just hoping that “fate” will intervene and I’ll get pregnant without “trying” so the bandaid will be ripped off and a decision will just be made for us.

Is this a normal way to feel? I feel like everyone who I talk to who is TTC just talks about being excited. I don’t know if us wanting it but feeling terrified is a normal pre-conception feeling, or if it means we aren’t actually ready yet ☹️

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