Baby is 2 days old, stuggling hard with breast feeding


I know some time my real milk is suppose to come in but it hasn't as of yet and I'm struggling really hard to breastfeed. I have a hard time having him latch on correctly and was told by the lactation consult that he may be tongue tied. So because I had a hard time having him latch my nipples hurt SO bad.

I'm trying to pump now instead of breast feed because it hurts less... But only producing like 0.5- to a little less than 1 oz when I try. I'm worried he isnt getting feed enough... I have formula should I just use it to supplement feeding him?

His first appointment with his doctor is tomorrow. Maybe I should wait? I'm at my wits end and about to throw in the towel. Which makes me upset because I want to do what's best for him.