Chelsea • Married 7.14.18 💖

My husband and I started trying to conceive this past January, and I randomly had this strong feeling it was going to happen in April. I got my (strong) positives in April and we were so ecstatic!

A few days later I got my period and started getting completely negative tests. I know chemical pregnancies are common so we tried not to be too upset and said “let’s keep trying.”

It hasn’t happened again in the last few months since then, but now suddenly I’m thinking I read my premonition wrong, and maybe I was meant to have the baby in April!?

Honestly I know this sounds crazy, but does anyone else get these random strong feelings about things that just so happen to be true?!

Anyways, I’m thinking it’s going to happen this month lol. So let’s make some babies ladies!! ✨☺️💕