Horrible Ob experience


Hey everyone so today I went to the doctors office for bloodwork and my gut told me to ask them for a copy of my last visit notes. So I asked for a copy of my last visit notes from the girl at the front desk. Upon reading over the notes I noticed that the doctor I saw did not document anything of importance in my chart. Such as the length of my baby from the ultrasound, no vitals and then wrote down heartburn as my chief complaint. I didn’t even have heartburn. I’m so pissed because last year I had a molar pregnancy and preeclampsia that they found only one week before I lost my child. I’m trying my best to now make sure that they take more interest in the health of my unborn child and my health. Molar pregnancies are not easy to deal with and can be deadly for some. I almost lost my life along with my child last year. So now I’m thinking about getting a new OB. Has anyone else had an experience similar to this before. Also they know that I have a professional medical background.