I start a new


My husband is the grim reaper he sucks the life outta everything! Everywhere we go if I am talking smiling or having any sort of fun or seem to crack a smile he is scolding me to behave well am tired of it, my happiness is mine and it doesn’t relay on him! He is a restaurant manger works to much and u grew tired of catering to his needs. I raise his two kids they haven’t seen their mom in so long she is suffering for addiction. I mean I was the one who made him get up and get them I was saving for a car and even put that money up for a lawyer to gain full custody! Well they are my babies now I had a talk with my kids and if their biological does not try to contact them by the end of this year I am filling for adoption! Anyways so I put a lot of things on hold cut back slots of days at work so he can do his training and fight to be the general manger and now he fights to be the number one store in the district well he didn’t just accomplish that he actually became the number one store for profit in the whole nation with a Qk franchise I couldn’t be more proud !!!! These times away I had kids trying to beat me down and they did we have had our break downs together where we cried and threw fits together but I taught my daughter abcs and she is seven going on multiples my son is most improved and on of the top in his class now ! Well now we’re home owners and things just keep getting busier! I put a lot of me on hold for my husband and our kids they are my kids I know u am not there biological but it’s my name they cry for in a bad dream I pick up the vomit wash the poop away . Well he knows u want a baby from my womb well he has is so busy with work I been working on it on my own ! Well sho I gave up on that we started fighting real bad one day and I me and my kids to my mothers house! But he finds ways to remind me they aren’t mine takes them away from me I started a business under both our names and he has a fit and takes my equipment away from me cause he supposedly bought it himself so uou can only imagine the motavation that gives me but u still have one job and do gigs for my business where I make good enough money I pay all the bills but clothes for the kids and so much more my husband takes care of the house payment and his car. He make 1400 plus bonuses I make at least 509 a week or more but whatever I do isn’t enough,si I gave up I have started to hang out with a few friends work out drink a lil be happy with adults because I seriously can’t wait till bed time with him hear him on the phone with work cause they including him have to repeat themselves 39 times u can’t even enjoy a date well I got tired of waiting on him so I just started taking care of me made him pick up more responsibilities with the kids and started doing me becuase i couldn’t base my happiness on him he is just simply to busy . I don’t touch our joint accounts . So u was fine being roommate well he saw me smiling again and started engaging in my personal happiness that I created for myself I let him join in because he’s my husband and I love him with all my heart. After i let him back in all he does is criticize everything u do behave to do that how much money u have so he put a damper in my mood again I wasn’t doing anything wrong but ultalizing my time and taking care of myself but he isn’t in control of me and my happiness and he can’t stand it . So i am done waiting for him to have sex with me at the right time it never happens anyways i am over making a baby with him I have two beautiful kiddos anyways. I was going to delete this app but it has so much more then just my peak days. What I do is never quit good enough for him and am fine with that is not my job to cater to him ! It is my responsibility to my self to be happy with myself to treat myself good maybe I am just too much for him!! Just venting please give me feed back anything!