In- Laws

So my hubby and I live about 800 miles away from his family (I’m estranged from my family) I’m due Aug 28th and will probably have a c section due to a uterine abnormality. Him and I have been arguing about how long his family can stay here. They are wanting to come up for the birth. His mom is talking about staying two weeks. The thought of that makes me want to loose my shit. His family can be very controlling and dominating, and I have no interest in dealing with them for that long of time, especially post partum. I’d be more open to the idea, if they weren’t wanting to stay in my home the whole two weeks. I countered with them staying just one week, and my husband is frustrated. Saying it’s his kid too and things like that. I totally understand that, but I don’t want to deal with them right after going through surgery and trying to figure out being a mom. If I had it all my way, no one from out of town would be visiting until about two weeks after. Anyone navigated this with their husband before?