My pregnant "fiance"


So i was going thru some old posts she had created about 2 years ago on this thing when she was pregnant with our other child, which of she had an abortion, she left me way early into her pregnancy, for another guy who pressured her into the abortion. I was reading over everything she had said about me and honestly i am hurt, i really cant believe she said all those things about me, and i get that it was 2 years ago but why would she make those posts and lie about the situation. She said things like "he didnt want anything to do with the baby" "he is a lunatic who should be locked up" "he wants me to get an abortion" and things along that nature, note she said my name in this.... anyways as i am sitting here reading all this as a man who has done nothing but change his lifestyle completely to be with her and even forgave her for the times she cheated back then and tried to work things out she still chose the other guy who threatened to leave her if she didnt abort our child (mine and hers) not his. She knew from the start that i didnt agree with the abortion. So anyways now i feel all of this hurt and this is literally the same woman i am laying beside now almost 2 years after the fact her again pregnant with my child. How am i supposed to feel? Should i say something to her or should i let it go? What do you think?