I thought my baby was going through the 4 month sleep regression so I decided it would be a good time to transition out of the swaddle too since hes going to be up a lot anyways. That was a week ago. Its been so so tough...me and hubby are pushed to sleep deprived tears.

Out of desperation last night we put him back in his halo sleep sack to see if it would help and wow....he went right back to sleeping like he did before we started all this. He woke up once to eat at 5 like he always does and went straight back to sleep.

He can turn on his side and has rolled over once while playing weeks ago but has never shown interest in doing it while swaddled and hasnt even attempted to while awake and playing since that one time weeks ago.

Would you continue to swaddle for a few more weeks/ or month and try again later


Make them learn to sleep without the swaddle

I kind of feel like hes not ready to transition to no swaddle yet (We leave one arm out) but i dont want to do something dangerous either.

We dont want to buy another suit like the merlin one either. Halo has worked wonders and were trying to save every penny for a move coming up.

Thank you.. im at a loss for what to do