Need some advice...


I’m 19 and so is my boyfriend, he lives over an hour away so I have to travel a while to even see him, we’ve been together now for 6 months but we’re completely different people. He has a bad past/childhood when mines been the opposite. His situation rn isn’t the best and I know I have done all I can to help but he makes me feel like I do nothing for him :(

I’ve had bad experiences in relationships and I don’t want a repeat of them as i’m still only so young. But I know he’s been with a lot more girls than I have guys and I know he used to be a bit of a fuckboy too.

But he’s basically a closed book, I don’t know what he wants. It’s always “I don’t know”. He never wants to talk about anything and he avoids every serious conversation. We have repeated arguments over and over. He’s fucked up before but I took him back. I feel like he hides things from me and doesn’t tell me the truth. He says things and then changes the story and he always implies that things aren’t working but then says something different afterwards. Most of the time it feels like he’s treating me like a mate. He never touches me or shows me off. He has done things for me and we’ve gone out for meals and for other things but something just doesn’t feel right. It feels so forced, like i’m trying for someone who doesn’t want that type of attention from me. But then there’s times where it’s just amazing and we’re so good together. Everyone things we’re this perfect couple. This sounds so stupid and I should just up and leave but I can’t. My feelings for him are way stronger than his feelings for me which i’m afraid of and he’s starting Uni in September and we all know how guys are in Uni... he says he wants to make it work but idk if I trust him enough.

I am happy but sometimes i’m not. I don’t want to break up with him but something is telling me I should, although I have tried, every time we end up just staying together still. Has anyone else ever been in a relationship like this? What should I do?