2nd miscarriage

I am 29 TTC for my first child. The clinic didnt want me to come in til 12weeks. This is my first try...I knew the random basics but figured I would get a blood test and what to and not to do... nope. About two weeks later in March when I went to a doctor after spotting and cramping. She was so insensitive after seeing ultrasound that she didn't believe I was ever pregnant. She was rude and not even sensitive to the fact I had never gone through any of this before. We proceed to urine and blood test which confirmed I was pregnant but it was not viable and already took care of itself. My husband dealt with it by not understanding "some people drink and party and get pregnant in one try"... he wasnt really helping my feeling that I was broken

(Needless to say not going back to this clinic. It cost me 800 for three labs and, ultra sound, and one rude doctor.)

Round 2

My mom tells me not to stress and keep on with life as normal. Dont take a pregnancy test until after 2 weeks past missed period. Now I have cramping and bleed this week just like I did my first miscarriage... so frustrating.

Now I feel like I have a high chance of this continuing to happen. Feeling defeated. What am I doing wrong?