So frustrating..


So today my mom called me to ask if I had told my sisters about what was going on with my infertility and i had only told one of my 3 sisters. I'm going for a hysteroscopy in the coming weeks to and they are going to attempt to open my cervix and see what else is going in. (I have cervical stenosis) She said I should tell my other sisters, but I really dont want to. They are both the type of people who get too emotional and jump to extremes. They are not the people I would go to for support with this. I told one sister because she is the most level headed and works in the medical field. I also told one of my aunts because she dealt with infertility and had <a href="">ivf</a> to have my cousin.

I just feel like I should be able to tell people I want to tell who are going to support me in the way I need them to and just because were related by blood doesn't mean they automatically get to know.

My mom thinks I'm keeping it a secret. I'm not really, just choosing not to talk about with people who are going to freak out and jump to conclusions. It's making me regret even telling her.