Anybody else not as happy this time round?

Natalie • Have two kids.

Note: Please don’t take offence or take it personally. You don’t have to answer if it’s a negative comment, it’s for those who feel the same or can empathise.

Anybody having their 2nd/3rd etc child and not as excited this time round?

You know the tea... and you’re so busy with your first child/other children that you have no time to worry or stress about this pregnancy but worry about them instead...

I wanted my son SO much that I cried and told everyone and tracked every. Single. Day up until birth.

Now? When I found out I wasn’t excited, I was terrified and angry. We weren’t trying, we were just stupid a couple times and didn’t want kids for a couple of years, but with my beliefs, I’m against abortion or adoption in my personal circumstances and to own up for my mistakes. That being said, children are a blessing. I may not feel it now but I know I will grow to love this baby as much as I did/do my first.

That being said I’m also so stressed emotionally and financially it’s the worst timing in the world and I have no idea what to do. I’m actually looking forward to speaking with a psych and social worker so that we can be prepared and happy, good parents for this second baby and for both our children.

I dunno... the whole situation is just scary. I know women do it all the time but I guess i just need some encouragement or a chat with ladies who know the feeling.