URGENT! Hanging piece of bump or skin inside of Vag.

This is really urgent and anything one has in mind would be very helpful. So recently I partied with friends and slept with a guy. I was so drunk I didn’t use protection and had to take a plan B as soon as I woke up. I experienced the symptoms of plan B and I was fine after. Now I’m letting out brown discharge which I suppose is old blood before my actually period. However, a day later I started feeling irritation inside and I know a lot people experience itch and irritation before their period so I didn’t worry much. But today, after a self care day I was still worrying so I decided to take a look at my vag in the mirror, the outside is all good, but the inside feels irritated, and when I pulled the lips to see more I found this hanging piece of skin or bump, and a small tiny barely visible bump across from it. I fear that I have an STD now but then I also think it’s a yeast infection or thrush or something. Someone please help, I don’t get blood drawn till Monday morning and I’m totally freaking out. This is only the second guy I’ve ever slept with and I feel like my life is over. Any advice?

I would also like to add that I gave the guy oral, so if I did have a STD wouldn’t I get it in my mouth as well? I’m just very overwhelmed right now.